Radio is still a highly popular medium, but faces competition from many new services including music streaming platforms. Regular radio does not include the same attractive features yet, and even if it does, they are mostly not integrated with the actual radio programme. Overall, the industry and listeners are looking for new radio experiences. This is where project HRADIO will deliver.

HRadio will leverage the full potential of hybrid technology for radio – enabling the integration of cost-effective broadcast distribution with new online features on not only mobile applications, but also on portals, connected radios and in the car.

The project identified three main challenges and opportunities for radio in the digital era:

  1. Technical integration: Today’s radio devices lack integration. It’s often up to the listener to decide which technology delivers the best and most cost effective user experience. Application developers for mobile platforms need to be enabled to gain better access to embedded tuner hardware in order to integrate broadcast and broadband seamlessly into the applications.

  2. Service harmonisation: Broadcasters are forced into a competition with sophisticated services such as music streaming, on demand content and general information services. In order not to be perceived as the “old” radio service, broadcasters must be able to provide an integrated service for the listener, which matches the expectations of end users.

  3. User engagement: Radio applications on mobile platforms enable to get in direct contact with their listeners and increase audience engagement. Besides enabling more interactive features, such as personalisation, targeted advertising, games and voting’s this also opens up thepossibility of measuring exactly the number of people currently listening to the program and analysing their behaviour, as each stream is sent out individually to the end user.

HRADIO has set its main focus on the sustainable facilitation of new radio services based on multi-level technology convergence (hybrid radio). The goal is to realise attractive new radio services, enabled by technologies such as infrastructure and development libraries. This will allow broadcasters to deliver time- and location independent linear radio services seamlessly linked with personalized on demand content, where and whenever the listener demands it.