HRADIO has developed 3 applications to showcase the potential of hybrid radio:


The HRADIO app

The HRADIO app uses DAB over IP to stream radio, enriched with metadata, over the internet.

Listen to a radio station via a chat view. All programme items, such as songs and news, are displayed within a chat view, alternated with messages from the radio editors.

Play, skip or pause a radio broadcast. By clicking on an item, you are able to timeshift it and listen from the start, therefore revisiting the radio stream. When skipping a live item, the app will play a different item, selected from your local music library.

Chat with your radio station. Ask for the latest news, the weather tomorrow or a traffic report, or let them know what you are doing.

Maximilian Knop
- Konsole Labs


The HRADIO web app

Experience a future hybrid radio device, that streams DAB+ over IP, with a large screen that shows more information on the current programme. This HRADIO webview offers basic interaction possibilities and finds itself in between the HRADIO app and current visual radio.

Get more information on what is currently playing on the radio, from an overview of the song and artist, to album cover art. Moreover, you are also able to vote on polls.

Klaas Baert - VRT
Fabian Sattler - LMU

car app.png

The HRADIO car app

Experience the HRADIO car app, an app that demonstrates hybrid radio features such as timeshifting, music substitution and station recommendations in different environments. Explore how a single app can meet the interaction design requirements of in-car displays and standard smartphones or tablet devices.

Use the app to search for stations that best suit your taste. Substitute the song you don’t like with your favorite ones from your streaming provider. Did you miss an interesting news item? Simply use the app’s timeshift feature to go back in time. If you no longer want the option of a station selection, then simply check off precise recommendations for other stations.

Alexander Erk - IRT
Markus Friedrich - LMU

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