HRADIO pilot 1: results on the “channel screen” feature

During the first pilot, one of the features being tested was “channel screen”. This prototype offers listeners the opportunity to personalise their programmes, but also switch between live radio and personalised on-demand content. This first pilot gave in-depth insights into how users prefer to control their hybrid radio experience. The concept was well-received among participants and the combination of on-demand and live listening experiences proved valuable.

Workshop at RBB

User test at RBB.png

10 participants, among which 7 men and 3 women, tested the prototype at RBB in Germany. After explaining the “my programme” concept, the participants were asked to voice their actions while using it and then evaluate the concept.

Initial feedback:

One important aspect that occurred as a benefit of live radio was the joy of being surprised by radio programmes and music, rather than a listening experience limited to particular themes:

I basically prefer to be surprised by live radio, and would not restrict myself to pre-selected music.
— Sarah, 45, non-technical profession

Apart from the advantages that live radio offers, 9 out of the 10 participants liked the concept, referring to the benefit of listening to radio content on you own schedule:

I like this idea, because I am not a typical radio listener, and with this idea I can listen freely to radio content without being restricted by the time of broadcast.
— Mike, 22, student

6 out of 10 participants even stated that they would use the feature daily.

User test channel screen.png
User test at RBB 2.png

With regards to the setup of the screen, participants indicated that they would like to control the way items are organised, the sequence of the items and the duration of an item being stored.

Participants were also asked to rank the information they would like to see for each item. Obviously, the item’s title, category and description are key. In addition, the duration of the item and the item’s image were considered relevant.  

Preferred type of information.png

When it comes to returning from an on-demand item to the live radio broadcast, 8 out of 10 participants preferred to be notified by an audio signal.  

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