HRADIO pilot 1: results on the "daylist" feature

Between September and December 2018, HRADIO set up a first pilot, testing 6 features as part of a hybrid radio experience. In this blog post, we will share the results on daylist. For this feature, we aimed to gain insights in whether and how radio listeners would like to receive a personalised list of informational programmes from one broadcaster, based on their topics of interest.

The Radio 1 daylist

The daylist feature was tested in Belgium. Flemish public broadcaster VRT and imec invited Flemish radio listeners to experience daylist via several social media channels and groups. The mock-up allowed users to indicate their general fields of interests, followed by a limited list of suggestions of VRT’s Radio 1 programmes that might cater to these interests. Participants were asked to give feedback during an online group discussion or via telephone. 1 man and 4 women took part in the evaluation.

Mock-up: blue circles indicating “size” or interest in a certain topic

Mock-up: blue circles indicating “size” or interest in a certain topic

Mock-up: personalised playlist with programmes based on indicated interests

Mock-up: personalised playlist with programmes based on indicated interests

User feedback and suggestions

Participants liked the concept of receiving recommended radio programmes based on their fields of interest. Most appealing was the ability to time-shift and the certainty that they wouldn’t have to miss any items.

I think the app is interesting because it’s not always clear where to find the best topics. It’s easy that the search has been done for you. Thanks to the application, you can discover new things.
— Freya, 24, Student

Participants were asked to evaluate the selection tool for their fields of interests. All participants positively evaluated the idea of ranking their interests. However, giving weight to the spheres by clicking them multiple times wasn’t very intuitive for most of them. It was also suggested that subcategories could be useful to enable a higher level of personalisation.

I would prefer to rank the categories to fit my interests.
— Lena, 24, unemployed
The circles weren’t very clear, it became more clear when you started clicking, that you could increase or decrease their size. But I think that with, for example, a progress bar with percentages it might be more clear.
— Freya, 24, Student
When I clicked it the category grew. But, what if I am absolutely not interested in a category. Like sports. Can I delete it?
— Sally, 23, Student

In the evaluation of the personalised list, it became clear that participants want the app to look as simple as possible. The fact that the list of programmes was limited to 30 minutes audio time was evaluated positively. However, participants would like to be able to search for more suggested content, in addition to the first 30 minutes on the list. Moreover, they suggested using images to make the list more attractive and making fields of interests visible in the results by using a colour code or adding a short description on the programme topic.

The suggested list seems to be correct. I know most programmes by name. But maybe a visual would help. (...) It’s important that it is uncomplicated. An option for more information would also be nice.
— Lena, 24, unemployed

In conclusion, participants suggested that the app should also:

  • send notifications of new episodes that users “favoured”

  • enable users to adjust the order of the list

  • have a share button for social media

  • include visuals of programmes and more information on each programme

  • offer a search function so that listeners can also actively search for programmes

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