HRADIO pilot 1: the results are in!

Between September and December 2018, HRADIO has set up a first pilot, testing 6 features as part of a hybrid radio experience. During several blog posts the following weeks, you will have an overview of the results and insights.

Overview of the tested features

  • Guaranteed Signal Quality

A technical feature aimed at ensuring permanent high quality signal for the HRADIO platform.

  • Voice Control

A variant of a previous application called “Radioplayer Car”, which provides in-car voice commands and the use of voice activation with hybrid radio.

  • Menu

Provides programme-related information along with audio content.

  • Channel Screen

A personalised radio service that creates a personal (on-demand) programme of music events and content items corresponding with a user’s individual preferences and interests, as an alternative to the default programme offered by the radio station.

  • Day list

Allows listeners to select topics of their interest, such as human interest, sport, politics, society…, which results in a personalised list of informational items.

  • Recommendations

A recommendation system for radio stations that bases its recommendations on publicly available radio station and programme metadata.

Testing these features separately allows us to gain in-depth insights in each building block, helping us create a future-oriented and user-centered hybrid radio experience. Here, you can find a detailed description of the procedures and outcomes of this first pilot phase for each feature. In the following weekly blog posts, we will address the findings of the user research on 3 key features: “Channel screen”, “Day list” and “Recommendations”.

Both “Daylist” and “Channel Screen” focus on personalising the radio experience while allowing the user to access on-demand radio content.

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Prototypes at ICT event

Prototypes at ICT event