Prototype 1: The One with the Channel Screen

As HRADIO is currently working towards the pilots in September, we are excited to introduce you to some of our prototypes the coming weeks. 29 use cases were created, of which 8 are being evaluated as products during a series of workshops. These products will be tested during the first pilot "lab phase" and give you an idea on how hybrid radio can shape your future radio experiences.

The user scenario

Ingrid is on the train and searching in the HRADIO app for something to listen to. When she picks a radio station, she doesn’t just get to see the radio station’s name but also the subject that is being discussed in the current programme.  

1 - Channel screen (Alternate 562u).png

Similarly, Ingrid has a clear overview on all the songs being played by different radio stations. This helps Ingrid in choosing which station she wants to listen to, without having to switch between stations and trying different stations before finding an interesting broadcast.

1c - Channel screen - my screen.png

With the app, Ingrid is also able to compile her own playlist. The app recommends relevant items, and she is able to easily pause a radio broadcast and shift to her favorite podcast. Similarly, she is also able to open the app on the dashboard of her new car. 

1b - Channel screen - podcast.png