Prototype 2: The One with Content Selection and Presentation

The user scenario

Leon uses his smartphone to chat with friends, keep up to date with the latest news and discover new music. He uses streaming apps to personalise his music list, but also wants to receive the latest news. With the HRADIO app, he is able to make hybrid radio: he can personalise the music he wants to listen to and choose a live broadcast radio or stream. He decides when he wants to hear the news and when not. He is also able to easily skip topics that don’t interest him. Even more, he can assemble a personalised programme for different times of the day, so he doesn’t have to change his preferences all the time. This is convenient, because he prefers to just listen to music in the evening, without any news updates. In the morning, he likes to be informed about the latest news.

Streaming meets broadcast

You are able to create your own personalised playlists, with a combination of linear and on-demand content. This content can include differents segments of a radio show, such as interviews, songs and traffic reports.

7 - My Channel (Alternate 392h).png

You can easily edit your playlist by liking what you are hearing...

7c - My Channel - swiped config (Alternate 227t).png

... or removing what doesn't interest you. 

7d - My Channel - swiped (Alternate 242s).png