Prototype 4: The One with the Recommendations

With this prototype, we aim to evaluate a recommendation system for radio stations that bases its recommendations on the metadata of the radio station and the programme publicly available. The scope of recommendations includes finding services that are based on the current listening experience.

The user scenario: Stay informed about your interests

Alexandra likes to listen to classical music and follows the news closely. Especially the economic issues interest her. Because of her busy schedule, she’s often unable to listen to radio programmes that address her topics of interest. With the HRADIO app, Alexandra can indicate which topics interest her and which music she likes. She gets notifications when a interesting programme is planned. She can choose whether to listen live or to add the song or programme to her personal playlist. By streaming it, she is able to listen to it whenever she wants.

The user scenario: A music filter for your favorites

Marianne listens to a news show she likes, but doesn’t agree with the presenter’s taste in music. Therefore, Marianne turns on her "music filter" via remote control or smartphone. This service remembers which songs Marianne likes and dislikes, and replaces the songs she dislikes in the show with the songs she does like. Marianne can also indicate which radio presenters she enjoys listening to, so she is able to get a mix of news updates and the music choices of her favourite presenters. Whenever Marianne feels like discovering new songs or being surprised by the host’s choice of music, she just turns the filter off again.