Prototype 3: The One with the Menu

What would the menu in the future HRADIO app look like? What kind of functionalities does it provide? The aim is to easily browse through channels and shows, and access additional information.

The user scenario

Peter is an Englishman living in Brussels. He is currently learning to speak Dutch and is listening to Radio 1's "the Lage Landenlijst", which is a music chart with only Dutch songs. With his HRADIO app, Peter is able to access the lyrics of each song. It helps him understand the songs better, but also allows him to sing along and practice his spoken Dutch.

3 - Channels - company filter.png

When Peter uses Spotify on his phone, he sees the images of the albums and artists. Even more, when he is selecting a radio station, he is able to see all the logos of the different radio stations.

2b - Channels (Alternate 399o).png