HRADIO on innovation street at Media Fast Forward 2018

Media Fast Forward is a yearly networking and inspiration event, organised by VRT, about the future of media. On the 14th of December, more than a 1000 media professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators gathered in Bozar, Brussels, to find inspiration, gain insights and network for future collaborations. Aside from a conference, there was an exhibition with over 40 startups and an innovation street, showcasing prototypes of various European projects. For HRADIO, a car dashboard was illustrated on a booth, where you could experience the functionalities of hybrid radio.

On the screen of the dashboard, HRADIO demonstrated the Dynamic Webview prototype. As a visitor, you could experience the future of radio in your car. This includes participating in polls (with your voice of course - safety first), pressing pause, rewinding and continuing wherever and whenever you like. More information about the experience and project could be found on the postcards at the booth.

Have a look at the prototype: (in Dutch)

In order to also focus on synergies among projects, HRADIO and project MARCONI collaborated on a joint radio experience. Therefore, next to the dashboard in the car, you were able to see what happens at the controls as a radiomaker, which is part of the MARCONI prototype. You could see incoming messages from listeners, find out how a message could be selected and portrayed in the car, how a poll is created and sent, what the live results are and how the editors’ app can make suggestions for additional information.